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As one of the first Mastodon hosting providers and former host of Mastodon.Social, MaaStodon is one of the best sources of expertise on Mastodon hosting and operation. We can help you set up and maintain a Mastodon instance painlessly and exactly how you need.


Easily build or migrate a Mastodon instance for your community or enterprise with our simple fully-managed hosting solution — or let us help you develop, deploy, and manage Mastodon instances customized to any degree, with any infrastructure, at any scale, without losing full access and data ownership.


for small hosted instances

Plan Personal Small Medium Large
Cost 9€/month 19€/month 29€/month 39€/month
Accounts 10 500
or 100 active
or 250 active
or 500 active
Media storage 100GB 300GB 500GB 1TB

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